What is Renaissance?

Pittsburgh has been the recipient of numerous prophetic words

about a future outpouring of God's Holy Spirit.

For many, the term revival didn't seem to fully express the sense of all the Lord wants to do in our city. But another prophetic word came forth in January 2012 that those hearing it felt it captured the magnitude of what God wants to do. That word is Renaissance.

Renaissance: “Rebirth” or “Reawakening”

William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania, wrote: 

“There may be room there for such a
Holy Experiment.
For the Nations want a precedent
and my God will
Make it the Seed of a Nation.
That an example may be set up to the Nations.
That we may do the thing that is truly wise and just.”  

We believe it’s time for Penn’s vision to be fulfilled.

We believe it’s time for a Spiritual Renaissance in which God will rebirth the city through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit operating in and through each member of the Body of Christ.

Transformed individuals will then impact each of the seven spheres of societal influence,

establishing Pittsburgh as a standard for transformation and revitalization. 

These seven areas are also referred to as mountains or kingdoms. They are:

Arts & Entertainment

The concept of Renaissance is not new for our city. Pittsburgh has already experienced 

Renaissance I (1946-1970) and Renaissance II (1976-1988/early 90’s). 

On June 4, 2012, then Mayor Luke Ravenstahl released a statement that began,

“It’s been a remarkable May for Pittsburgh as our City’s Third Renaissance gains more momentum.”

We believe that Renaissance III is of particular significance as the number three in scripture speaks of maturity and fullness. Interestingly, and we believe prophetically, The Mayor also stated, “I truly believe that Pittsburgh’s Third Renaissance is not just about brick and mortar development… It’s about serving others and believing in Pittsburgh’s amazing potential.” 

Pittsburgh has recently been drawn to the forefront of the nation and the world:

  • Chosen America’s most livable city (2011, 2010, and 2007) 
  • Hosted the G-20 economic summit (2009) 
  • Selected by National Geographic Travel Magazine as one of top 20 places in the world to visit in 2012.   

We believe this is part of the preparation for Pittsburgh sharing the message of Renaissance.